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NGS training materials


This repository and its Wiki companion contain a collection of training materials for teaching next generation sequencing data analysis.

The initial content was put together during the workshop “Best practices for training in Next Generation Sequencing Analysis” that took place in Cambridge, UK on 13-14 January 2015.

During that workshop, the repository structure as well as its usage guidelines were defined.

We, as trainers, hope that this repository will be usefull to both trainers and trainees in the future.


Browsing content

More details about the content available from the Wiki.

  1. Courses

  2. Content

    1. Prerequisite
    2. HTS-introduction
    3. ChIP-Seq
    4. RNA-Seq
    5. VariantCalling

Adding content

  1. Dictionaries and Ontologies
  2. Markup Templates
  3. Documenting New Material
  4. Repository guidelines

Searching content

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